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Flood Warning:

Issued at: 4:46 am EST on February 8, 2016, expires at: 9:15 AM EST on February 11, 2016
  • The Flood Warning continues for the Tar River at Tarboro.
  • At 4:15 am Monday the stage was 23.1 feet.
  • Flood stage is 19.0 feet.
  • Minor flooding is occurring and minor flooding is forecast.
  • 24.0 feet, moderate flooding begins in Tarboro. River Road is underwater and flooding begins on East Wilson and St David streets.
  • 20.0 feet, lowland flooding begins south of Daniel street in east Tarboro.
  • 19.0 feet, minor flooding begins. The Riverside Park and River Road at the us64 bridge flood.
  • 17.0 feet, action stage. The river is bankfull. The following are the latest observations and 7 am forecast stages for the next several days. Fld observed forecast 7 am location stg stg day time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Tar River Tarboro 19 23.1 Mon 04 am 23.2 22.3 20.4 17.8 15.1 To convert the above stage readings to above mean sea level (ft), add the following to the stage: ############delete stations below that are not applicable########## tarboro: 10.37 Lat...Lon 3597 7760 3593 7748 3577 7751 3573 7757 3590 7756 3593 7761

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