Isaac affecting Florida before making landfall on Northern Gulf Coast

New Orleans to Pensacola prepare for impact

STORMTRACK 12 WEATHER CENTER -  The center of Isaac is making its way into the Southeastern Gulf of Mexico.  It is moving west-northwest at 15 mph with sustained winds of 65 mph. 

Still remaining a tropical storm into Monday, Isaac will continue on it's track into the Gulf of Mexico.  Water temperatures are in the mid 80s so that is just fuel to the storm. 

By Tuesday morning, it is expected to strengthen to a Category 1 hurricane before making landfall on the Gulf Coast as far east as central Louisiana with the eye passing over New Orleans to as far west as Pensacola, Florida. 

The models are widespread this late in the game because they are taking into account to areas of high pressure on either side of the storm path.  If one increases faster than the other, it could shift the storm east or west.

By the time it makes landfall, it will have strengthened into a Category  2 storm packing winds in between 96 and 110 mph. 

Once it makes landfall it will weaken to a Category 1 Hurricane.  Then, it will quickly weaken to a tropical storm before becoming a tropical depression in the Mississippi River Valley.  It will be some drought relief for that area.

How will it affect Eastern North Carolina?  We will not see remnants or the storm.  We will see some rain being blown off the storm from a cold front heading our way from the west.  This is where a stalled front actually comes in handy.  It is wanting to keep most of the rain south of Pitt County Tuesday night into Wednesday.  However, there are chances for heavy rainfall which could cause some minor flooding.  Keep a close eye on poor drainage areas and low lying areas.

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