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Here's a look at some hurricane statistics you need to know.

Major Hurricanes in recent U.S. History:

October 22-29, 2012 - Hurricane Sandy

Category 2 storm

Path includes Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, and New Jersey and New York coastlines.

$50 billion in preliminary damages

At least 165 deaths: over 100 in the United States, 54 in Haiti, 11 in Cuba, 2 in the Dominican Republic and 2 in the Bahamas.

August 21-September 1, 2012 - Hurricane Isaac

Category 1 storm

Path includes Haiti, Cuba, southern Mississippi and southeastern Louisiana.

$2.35 billion in estimated damages

At least 41 deaths, with 5 in the United States.

August 20-29, 2011 - Hurricane Irene

Category 1 storm

Makes landfall in eastern North Carolina.

$7.3 billion in damages

At least 45 fatalities

October 29-November 7, 2010 - Hurricane Tomas

Category 2 storm

Affected areas include St. Lucia, Barbados, St. Vincent, the Grenadines, Curacao, and Haiti.

About $350 million in damages

Death toll of 44 in the Lesser and Greater Antilles.

September 1-14, 2008 - Hurricane Ike

Category 2 storm

Path includes Turk and Caicos Islands, Cuba, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.