Overnight: Partly cloudy, stray evening shower. Lows 61-66. Winds southeast 5 mph.

Friday: Mostly sunny and warm. Highs 80-87. Winds east 5-10 mph.

Friday Night: Partly cloudy and mild. Lows 63-68. Winds south 5 mph.

Saturday: Mostly sunny and very warm. Highs 79-86. Winds southeast 5-10 mph.

Marine Forecast: The Rip Current threat is moderate from Cape Hatteras to Surf City, NC. Seas will be 2' to 3' at the Crystal Coast and 2' to 4' on the Outer Banks. Water temperatures are in the low 70s at the Crystal Coast and Outer Banks. The Rivers and Sounds are in the mid 70s and will have a light chop on Friday. Winds will be from the east at 5-10 knots. Low tide is at 10:55am and high tide is at 5:20pm.

Weather Summary:

We are tracking high pressure in the StormTrack 12 Weather Center. The high will be the main feature overnight. We expect partly cloudy skies and low in the low 60s inland to mid 60s at the coast.

The high will keep us with mostly sunny skies and a bit warm on Friday. We expect to see an almost summer pattern through the weekend. The high is off the southeast coast and ridging back into eastern Carolina. Highs will be in the mid to upper 80s inland and upper 70s to low 80s at the beaches.

A partly cloudy and mild night will transition into the weekend from Friday to Saturday. We should be dry Friday night, with coastal areas being in the upper 60s and mid 60s inland.

Saturday will be a summer-like day. We expect to see plenty of sunshine and very warm temperatures. We can't rule out a shower or storm along the sea-breeze front. Highs will be in the upper 80s inland and near 80 to the low 80s along the beaches.

StormTrack 12 meteorologists are tracking a disturbance, trying to slip through the region. This could bring a stray shower or isolated thunderstorm. This would be more likely in our north or northeastern counties. This would be a slight chance at best.

A cold front will be dropping south on Sunday. The front will be draped from the New England States through West Virginia, the Bluegrass State and then into west Tennessee, curving back through the Big Bend State. A low will be riding along the low as it passes through Arkansas.

On Monday, it appears as if the front will try to stall, from northern Virginia through Kentucky, middle Tennessee and back into Texas. The low will only drift from Arkansas into north Mississippi. This will bring a slight chance of showers and more clouds across the area.

On Tuesday, that front will be sluggish, but will slip into north North Carolina and trail back into Tennessee, Mississippi and Texas. That Mississippi low will remain over the Magnolia State through Thursday.

The front will sink across eastern Carolina, into South Carolina by Thursday. This will keep a rain chance in the forecast. The temperatures will cool some as the front drops south.

Highs in the mid 80s to near 90 on Sunday and Monday, with low to mid 80s Tuesday through Thursday. Lows will be in the mid to upper 60s Saturday night through Thursday night.

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Our normal high 83°, low 62°.

Meteorologist Donnie Cox