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Like what you've seen so far? Well, the World Cup will dish up even more soccer superlatives as the "Round of 16" kicks off on Saturday.

After surviving the "Group of Death," the U.S. soccer team will have to duck a knockout punch this week. Or throw one themselves.

With the complicated math of group play gone, the elimination principal will take to the pitch with the squads. That means it's win or go home. Team USA has to knock Belgium out cold to advance to the quarterfinals.

That's not until Tuesday. But wait! Leave that TV on!

Nascent U.S. footy fans shouldn't get tempted to take a break along with the home team they've newly fallen in love with, or they'll miss big games like Mexico vs. Netherlands on Sunday -- and the ultimate futbol acrobats on Saturday:

They're the beauty in the "beautiful game," the big kahuna, the unmatched five-time World Cup champions, the team sportscasters call "The Scratch" -- that has proven that soccer can be better than you-know-what: Brazil.

Here are this weekend's four knockout matches with viewing times and channels -- and at bottom, a fun way to find a love match and score yourself at the cup.

1. "The Scratch"

Brazil vs. Chile, noon ET Saturday on ABC, Univision

Despite the home field advantage, the Brazilian team is getting the jitters as rival Chile approaches, Brazil's coach told the BBC. But that's "normal," he said.

It doesn't seem to calm their nerves that FIFA ranks Chile's team 14th and Brazil's third in the world.

-- Or that Brazil has won 48 of the two teams' 68 previous face-offs.

-- Or that it scored 159 goals vs. 58 for Chile in those matches.

-- Or that Brazil has shot seven goals in this tournament so far to Chile's five.

-- Or that Brazil has fired 23 shots on target at the goal at this World Cup compared to 10 for Chile.

Forget all of it. It doesn't matter.

FIFA ranked Spain No. 1, and they've already gone home.

If Chile gets just one more point than Brazil -- just the right ankle-breaking dance to the goal by maestro forward Alexis Sanchez -- or if their impenetrable goalie Claudio Bravo holds off one last goal attempt by Brazil.

Then Brazil goes home, too.

Er, uh, wait. They're home already. But they'd have to sit in the stands in front of the whole country without that sixth championship star on their jerseys.

2. The bite

Colombia vs. Uruguay, 4 p.m. ET Saturday on ABC, Univision

It's almost like Colombia never lost star striker Radamel Falcao to injury even before the cup started.

They ate up their competitors in Group C play and go to the knockout round euphoric.

And at the same time, Uruguay literally lost a lot of its bite this week when FIFA suspended forward Luis Suarez for four months for ... well ... biting another player.