A new recruit has joined the Carteret County Sheriff's Department. The four-legged officer is named Duke and he is the agency's first bomb-sniffing dog.

Canine handler Sergeant Brian Munro said Duke is a three-year-old Dutch shepherd and a master at sniffing out explosives. He said Duke served a 9 month military career in Afghanistan.

"He’s got a personality, he's very excitable, very obedient and a lot of that comes from his original training,” Munro said.

Munro said once Duke's contract ended in Afghanistan, he was able to be adopted by law enforcement agencies here in the U.S. He said Duke has a training and medical file just like a military solider.  

The department say they are glad to finally have a bomb-sniffing dog, so when a threat happens, they're prepared.

"This will be just one more of our tools that we can utilize given situations, maybe bomb threats or locations of suspicious packages," Munro explained.  

He said it can take another agency's bomb-sniffing dogs between 20 minutes to three hours to get to a scene.

"Us having this dog is going to cut down our initial response time," Munro said.