Gorham Ruled Ineligible

DH Conley Must Forfeit 3 Games

WINTERVILLE - DH Conley Head Football Coach Brian Paschal met the media Thursday to read a prepared statement concerning the eligibility of Maleek Gorham.

Gorham transferred to DH Conley this year after attending rival JH Rose for 1 year.

Now the North Carolina High School Athletic Association has ruled that Maleek is ineligible citing residency issues.

Apparently Maleek did not meet the residency requirements to become eligible to play for the Vikings immediately.

On October 3rd the NCHSAA ruled Maleek must sit out 365 days before he can compete in any sports for DH Conley.

In his statement Coach Paschal said Maleek was deemed eligible to play two other times the school inquired about his status.

Coach Paschal told News Channel 12 that the first inquiry was answered at the end of July ruling Maleek eligible to play. 

Maleek's participation has caused the NCHSAA to rule DH Conley must forefit three games, a loss to Havelock and wins over West Craven and White Oak.

The school is appealing the ruling stating strongly that they have not done anything wrong throughout the entire process.

The forfeitures drop the Vikings record to 5-3 , 1-3 in conference.

The Vikings will now attempt to put the distractions behind them and hit the road to take on Washington.

that game will kick off Friday night at 7 p.m.

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