Young robot programmers to take on older students in competition

First Lego League teaches kids gracious professionalism

Young robot programmers to take on older students in competition

ONSLOW COUNTY - Building with Legos has become a team effort at Hunters Creek Elementary.

"Whenever I had free time, I'd always grab my boxes of legos, and I would build cars and houses out of them," said Bella Manfre, 4th grader.

This year, they are building robots.  The FutureBots are part of the First Lego League which teaches them skills that could be valuable to their future.

"They have to raise money.  They have to archive.  They have to teach and learn.  They do the research, the presentation, the reading, writing and program a robot," said Bonnie Krcmar, the team's coach.

They program the robot to push a ball, carry objects and spin wheels.  The kids are on different committees including finance and even archiving on their website. They do it all.

"If you ask the teachers in the school, they would say I am very good with computers," said Jay Scott, the team's webmaster.

This is the first year the FutureBots will be competing in the local competition.  They will be the youngest team so they will competing against middle school students.

"We have a really good team, and we have a chance at winning," said Manfre.

What if they did win against the bigger kids.

"That would be amazing.  Young minds, bright future," said Miranda Fortune.

The competition will be held at Northwoods Park Middle School on November 17th. 

For more information, you contact Hunters Creek Elementary School.

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