Year in review part II: Greenville police chief Hassan Aden

Aden shows how the department is changing to fight crime more effectively

Year in review part II: Greenville police chief Hassan Aden

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Greenville police chief Hassan Aden takes his job of protecting the city's citizens very seriously; and he's been doing so for almost a year.

With hundreds of officers under his command, his department is a formidable one. "Our ability to get in there and quell [crime] very, very quickly, should be evident to the public," said Aden.

Without direction, his department's success would be as evasive as the criminals the pursue. It's Aden's job to make sure his officers are calculated in their approach. "The nature of patrol services is responding to calls. Somebody calls, I need the police, you come. There's not a whole lot of prediction involved with that," he said.

In an effort to be precise in their policing, his department breaks the city down into four quarters. It's a map formed off of eight years of studying data. It's compiled using numbers from the past three years, magnified by data from the latest six months. This allows them to highlight the city block by block, enabling them to pay attention to the city's most dangerous areas.

Aden says there are always new ways of determining where and when his officers patrol. Therefore, his department is evolving.

They're creating a new map, comprised of three sections. Each section is assigned its own platoon. That means one platoon is responsible for patrolling a specific section 24 hours a day. Aden says this will allow his officers to become more familiar with the area, as well as the people who live there. "So you don't have officers working over here one night and a completely different area of the city, that could be 30 miles away, the next night," he said.

The new system will also take advantage of their Automatic Vehicle Locator, which will allow the officers closest to certain scenes to respond as quickly as possible. "A call comes out, they're gonna look for the closest car and send that car to that call," said Aden.

Uptown Greenville will get its own designation. Officers responsible for this area will be hand-picked and go through extensive crisis training. "Either alcohol, or drug induced, or a mental health crises," said Aden.

This is just a small portion of the changes Aden is making to the department. "Some are visible to the public, others are very transparent and some are in progress, a lot of them are in progress," he said.

Aden stressed that the community plays a huge part in fighting crime. "When the community stops telling us what they perceive as wrong, we've lost," he said.

Aden celebrates his one year anniversary the week of November 24th.

To hear Aden review some of the major events that took place in Greenville this past year, click here.

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