Would-be robber, shot during attempt, is now behind bars

Deputies: Store clerk shoots would-be robber

FALKLAND, PITT COUNTY - An attempted robbery suspect was released from the hospital and placed behind bars.

The suspect, Joshua Chamberlain, 22, was arrested Tuesday after being treated for a gunshot wound.

Chamberlain was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and held under a $250,000 bond.


A store clerk shot a would-be robber in Pitt County Tuesday night, leading to the suspect's arrest, deputies told NewsChannel 12.

Investigators said the suspect, Joshua Chamberlain, 22, entered the Falkland Mini-Mart at 5967 S. Main St. with a gun and demanded money. But the clerk then shot Chamberlain in the arm, forcing him to leave the store, according to deputies.

"He was screaming man, everything was just a blur to me. It's like everything just slowed down for me and I just kind of zoned in," said the store's owner, known as Rocky. "So many things crossed my mind so fast. Like I said I just let my instincts, let my instincts take over."

The clerk's friend was also in the store; he was shot in the stomach, deputies said. It was unclear where the bullet came from.

Rocky noticed his friend was hit and left Chamberlain, who then escaped. "The guy took off running and I just let him because it was more important for me to make sure my friend was okay," said Rocky.

After leaving the scene, Chamberlain went to a home and pretended he was in a car accident, deputies said; Chamberlain was arrested at that residence.

Both Chamberlain and the victim were transported to the hospital. Deputies say Chamberlain will be formally charged upon his release. He is expected to be charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and could face other charges.

Chamberlain has a past conviction of possessing a weapon of mass destruction in Pitt County in 2010; he served just over a year of jail time for that conviction.

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