Woodmen Center Opens in Kinston

Woodmen Center Opens in Kinston


Kinston - With a snip and a round of applause, the Woodmen Center kicked off its grand opening in Kinston.

"We've had so many people coming in, it's really bringing people together, so we are just very excited," says Gayla Vermillion, Woodmen employee.

Just down the road from the mall, the brand new facility is hard to miss. It is over 53,000 square feet housing a double sized gym, an indoor track, workout rooms and a full water park. Brand new state of the art equipment stood ready to be use.

And you can do more than just run on these treadmills, you can surf the web.

"The TV and internet on the screens, there's really no excuse for someone not to exercise," says Vermillion.

With the sun baking down you would think the main attraction would be the water park. But the entire center isn't quite open yet. Construction still continues on the water slide, the lazy river and right behind me, the leisure pool; a spot for kids to play.

Scorching heat and frequent downpours have delayed construction some but Keith Bischton President of Greenville pool construction says the water world is worth the wait.

"This is probably the largest water park east of Greensboro and that's the largest lazy river in North Carolina," says Bischton.

Both the eight lane lap pool and the therapy pool look to open around labor day. The water park is slated to open next spring.

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