Woman Stuck in Elevator When Building Loses Power

Woman Stuck in Elevator When Building Loses Power

JONES COUNTY - A nearly 80-year-old woman is trying to cool off after being stuck in an elevator during Saturday afternoon's heat.

It happened in Jones County.

Della Garner, 78, got stuck in the elevator at May's Landing apartments, on Mattocks Avenue in Maysville.

Garner had just returned home from the grocery store with her daughter.

She went up to her apartment to get a cart to help bring in the groceries, then got in the elevator, when the power went out.

"I fanned with [myself with a shirt] to keep cool and then knocked on the door," Garner said.

A neighbor heard Garner tapping on the door, and told Garner's daughter, who was waiting in the car.

Maysville Fire Rescue had to manually lower the elevator to get Garner out.

Garner says those 15 minutes in a dark, hot elevator felt like forever.

Several hundred people in Maysville were without power for several hours Saturday afternoon.

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