Woman sentenced for paying man to damage Pamlico County water system

Woman sentenced for paying man to damage Pamlico County water system

PAMLICO COUNTY - A Pamlico County woman has been sentenced for paying someone to vandalize county water pipes that she was hired to repair.

A New Bern judge sentenced 52-year-old Judy Hardison, of Alliance, Tuesday morning to between 10 and 14 years in prison, plus 12 months of post-release supervision, District Attorney Scott Thomas told NewsChannel 12. In addition, Hardison agreed to pay $40,000 in restitution.

Hardison was the operator of Triple H Construction, which Pamlico County hired to repair the county's water system.

But Hardison paid Rodney Lynn Brame to damage several pipes in the county so her company could repair them, according to the Pamlico County Sheriff's Office. Hardison's company would then fix the damaged pipes at nights, on weekends and on holidays so it could charge more for the repairs.

The amount of damage done cost the county $40,723.25, deputies said.

Hardison and Brame were arrested in December 2012.

Hardison was found guilty on April 30 of all charges against her-- six counts of contamination of a public water supply and one count of obtaining property by false pretense.

Thomas said Hardison's 10 to 14-year prison sentence was not the maximum she could've received. Hardison was convicted of six "Class C" felonies and could've faced up to 30 years behind bars, said Thomas.

Brame pleaded guilty on March 24 and was sentenced Monday to between two years and five years eight months in prison.

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