Woman Searches For Dog Tag Owner

Dogtags Found

NEWPORT, N.C. - A local woman is searching for the owner of a missing military dog tag.

Kim Ziegler of Newport came across a dog tag while cleaning out an old file box in her barn.

She said she has no idea how it got there,but according to the name inscribed on it, the dog tag belongs to a man named Edward Earl.

Now she's trying to find Edward, in hopes of returning a piece of his past.

"I know if it was my family I would want it back," Ziegler said. "No matter what, I would still want it because it it was a part of them and it was a part of wherever they were."

Ziegler has tried to find Edward Earl online, but has had no luck.

A representative at Veterans Affairs said there is no official process to find the owner. That person suggested using social media.

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