Woman accused of indecent liberties with teen at school parking lot

Woman accused of indecent liberties with teen at school parking lot

CRAVEN COUNTY - A Craven County woman is accused of committing indecent liberties with a teen at a school parking lot.

According to the Craven County Sheriff's Office, deputies have charged 34-year-old Krystalee Gray Stevenson with indecent liberties with a child.

Authorities said the incident occurred with a 15-year-old boy in the parking lot at West Craven High School. Investigators received a complaint from a school staff member who allegedly discovered the pair inside a vehicle. However, family of Stevenson's estranged husband said this isn't the first time.

 They wish to remain anonymous but said she's been involved with the boy for more than a year.

"I, like the rest of the family, are infuriated with it. We don't understand it," family member said.

Stevenson is still legally married. According to family members, the two have been separated ever since Stevenson's husband found out about her relations with a minor.  

"We just don't understand why a grown woman with kids of her own would put herself in this position," family member said.    

Stevenson has three boys. Family members said they've been living at their father's house since last summer. Krystalee Stevenson said the kids share equal time between both parents.

Family said this has been an ongoing investigation with the Craven County Sheriff's Office for several months. They said she was caught with a minor in the West Craven High School parking lot sometime between August and October of last year.

Deputies arrested Stevenson on Friday, but she was never booked into jail. 

"I believe if a man had done the same thing to a female child it would be a whole lot bigger deal. For some reason this doesn't seem to be as important," family member said.

NewsChannel 12 contacted the sheriff's office several times for a comment Wednesday.  We have yet to receive a response.

Stevenson said she is sorry all this has happened, but said Wednesday that her attorney has asked her not to comment.

Stevenson is not an employee of the school system, but the incident happened at the high school, said investigators.

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