Witnesses spot suspected tornado in Cove City

Witnesses spot suspected tornado in Cove City

COVE CITY, CRAVEN COUNTY - People in the Cove City area took for cover on Tuesday afternoon, after a tornado warning was issued from 2:14 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.

We spoke with people who saw the storm up close.

Store owner Geoffrey Whaley runs the Whaley Food Center in Cove City. He was inside the store with one customer when he said the storm came down.

"I've never seen it that dark, I've never seen it that black outside," Whaley said. "I mean the hail was coming down so hard."

Whaley says he and the 80-year-old customer took cover in a bathroom in the back of the store. They waited 10 minutes for the storm to pass. The store did not sustain any damages and neither of the men were hurt.

We also spoke with Joe Wilson of Cove City who could see the storm from his front porch.

"From right here, I saw a big black cloud was over there and some little whirly gigs coming down from the clouds towards the ground," Wilson said. "And then it went back up, and I knew we had problem right then."

Wilson says the hail from the storm damaged the hood of his car by leaving behind little dints on it.

Parents also tell us that students at schools near Cove City had tornado drills and took extra precautions to make sure all students and persons on school property were safely inside and protected from the suspected tornado.

Craven County EMS officials say there have been no reported injuries or damages as a result of the storm.

The National Weather service is expected to announce if it was officially a tornado that touched down on Tuesday afternoon, or if it was severe storm.

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