Witness talks about Beaufort man's car crash, drug arrest

Reporter: Katy Harris

Beaufort man crashes car, arrested on drug charges

BEAUFORT, CARTERET COUNTY - Donovan Crumbacker, 21, and his 14 year old girlfriend were driving his vehicle on the 500 block of Front Street in Beaufort around 10 Friday night.

Police say he crashed into the back of a parked Nissan truck, causing the truck to hit a light pole.

The crash was all caught on surveillance video.

An employee was standing on the other side of a window when the light pole came crashing through balcony railing.
Casey Dunson was closing down The General Store and was so frightened she screamed when the light pole came towards the building.

"I was just upstairs right next to the window where the light pole fell and I saw the glass and the wood from the balcony flying at the window and I didn't know what happened. It scared me," said Dunson.
She and another employee ran outside to see what happened.

That's when they saw Crumbacker.

"He got out to kind of look at his car to see the damage and everything and then the girl that was in the car with him got out and she just kind of sat next to the car. She didn't really look around much or anything," said Dunson.

She says soon after the crash a crowd of people surrounded the area.

"Everybody was coming out of the restaurants and the stores you know, trying to see what happened and then actually the guy whose truck it was came out. I guess he had heard it so he knew right away what had happened and he came over here," said Dunson.

Now Crumbacker faces three drug related charges and one careless and reckless driving charge.

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