With 1 Goat Dead And Another Injured, Farmer Accuses Neighbor's Dogs

JONES COUNTY - A local woman says dogs running loose attacked two of her goats. The dogs' owner says it wasn't his animals that did the killing.

Mary Ledlow raises the animals on her farm in Jones County. She says she watched as her neighbor's dogs attacked the goats Friday, hurting one and killing another.

Rob Boomershine owns the dogs. The dogs were loose, he said, but he did not find anything on them that looked like they'd killed an animal.

"Whatever happened to her animals, I'm sorry. I've always liked Miss Mary," Boomershine said.

Deputies also looked over the dogs, Boomershine said. He believes coyotes could have attacked the goats.

"I don't know how the dogs got in here, but that's where the goats would sleep ... that was their security," Ledlow said.

Boomershine says his dogs have never attacked anything.

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