Winter storm takes a toll on roadways

Winter storm takes a toll on roadways

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - Long after the snow and ice from the two recent winter storms melted away, drivers might begin noticing another type of weather damage, potholes.

Crews were out in Craven County Wednesday trying to get roads back to normal.

"We're repairing potholes throughout the city," New Bern Lead Equipment Operator Brian Mansour said

Officials said due to the plows and graders scraping the streets more potholes have now popped up.

"The snow typically lets them hold the water a lot longer in the road and every time a car hits it, it squishes it out and just makes it bigger and bigger," Mansour said.

Crews said they have already patched holes on Queen, Pollock and First Streets. But with the recent bad weather Mansour said it can be a critical time for asphalt plants.

"We had to go out of town to get it, but we were able to get it here and get started," he explained.

Mansour said when the weather is bad asphalt plants don't make the black tar they need. He said due to the recent shortage of asphalt they had to fill the potholes with rocks, as a temporary solution to make the road smoother.

"That will help to stabilize the hole and not let it get any bigger until we are able to come back and fix it," Mansour explained.

Crews said now that they have asphalt they will continue to pave roadways so they don't get any worse.

City officials ask for the public to be aware of city employees working on roads trying to fill the potholes this week.

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