Wilmington company pleads guilty to dumping toxic oil

A North Carolina company and its owner have pleaded guilty to federal charges over dumping waste oil laced with PCBs.
P&W Waste Oil Services of Wilmington and owner Benjamin Franklin Pass admitted guilt in U.S. District Court on Monday to violations of the Toxic Substances Control Act, making false statements and tax evasion.
As part of the plea agreements, P&W agreed to pay restitution of $19 million for the cleanup and proper disposal of PCB-contaminated waste oil. Pass also agreed to pay more than $538,000 to the Internal Revenue Service.
P&W's facility in Leland has been declared a Superfund site. It's one-tenth of a mile from the Cape Fear River and federally recognized wetlands. PCB production was banned in 1978. Exposure to even tiny amounts can cause cancer in humans.

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