Wildlife Resources officials find pile of deer carcasses near neighborhood

Wildlife Resources officials find pile of deer carcasses near neighborhood

SWANSBORO, ONSLOW COUNTY - Wildlife Resources Commission officials are investigating who is responsible for dumping a pile of deer carcasses near a residential neighborhood.

At least six whole deer and parts of others -- along with other trash -- were found near Jeremy Boone's neighborhood near FFA Camp Road outside Swansboro.

"You got blood dripping into the ground," Boone said. "That produces flies and every other animal with diseases coming around and start eating it, and they bring that over this way."

The Department of Transportation arrived Friday afternoon to clean up the mess. WRC Officer Charles Smith says the person responsible for it could possibly face a felony charge.

"I normally attribute something like this to being a little bit lazy, and not willing to do exactly what's required -- to do the right thing," Smith said.

Smith says most hunters hunt with a purpose -- whether it's to get antlers, skin or meat. Once a hunter gets what he needs from a deer, he should properly dispose of it, by burrying it deep in the ground.

"If you're an experienced hunter, you know how to take care of that," Boone said. "Don't go to somebody's neighborhood and start dumping stuff. It's immature, and we don't need it around here."

Boone says deer season ended Jan. 1. But someone may have decided to keep the gun out a little longer. Neighbors reported hearing gun shots overnight Thursday near the residential area. WRC officials have also responded near the area to investigate a night hunting incident within the last week.

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