Who will have a white Christmas?

Eastern Carolina - Dozens of Christmas carols sing of snow. But realistically, a good portion of the US celebrates each year without any fresh powder or old pack on the ground.

The National Weather Service defines a "White Christmas" is anywhere with an inch of snow on the ground. It doesn't matter if that snow is very old, or on Christmas Day.

In North Carolina some mountain locations are painted white. Burnsville, Spruce Pine, Boone, Banner Elk, Jefferson and Sparta have at least an inch. But the snow line stops before Mount Airy, Lenoir, Marion, and the Black Mountains.

According to the National Climactic Data Center (NCDC), the mountains of North Carolina only have snow about 10% of the time on Christmas Day. As far as the rest of North Carolina goes, snow is rare on December 25th. In fact, if looking at all the Christmas Days in years past for the Tar Heel State, less than 5% of them were "white".

But for those traveling north this holiday season, snow should be easy to come by. According to the National Operational Hydrolic Remote Sensing Center or NOHRSC, most of Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska and West Virginia have at least an inch. Almost all coastal locations across the nation have none.

For a closer look at who has snow, check out this map compiled December 20th, 2012. On this day in December, a major snow storm was sweeping parts of the Midwest and getting ready to move into the northeast.

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