What You Need to Know Before Lighting Fireworks in NC

Three Strikes and You're Out

JACKSONVILLE - People across the country are gearing up for Independence Day celebrations.  Some in Onslow County plan on catching a fireworks show, while others will put on a show of their own.  Lighting up illegal fireworks can land you in trouble.

Jacksonville Police say NC General Statutes and city ordinance prohibit the use of certain fireworks without a permit.  Illegal fireworks include firecrackers, ground spinners, Roman candles, bottle rockets, mortars and any pyrotechnics that are intended to spin, leave the ground, fly through the air and/or explode.

Onslow Deputies say there is a three-strike rule in place to deal with those who break fireworks laws.  Deputies say they will warn the offender the first time and confiscate the illegal fireworks.  A second violation results in a citation and the third an arrest.

Onslow Emergency Services Director Norman Bryson says fireworks that shoot up in the air are banned to prevent personal injury and also wildfires.

"We have a lot of areas that are urban interface in North Carolina, where we have woods that are mixed in with homes," said Bryson. 

Bryson says a firework shot into the air can land in dry vegetation, sparking a fire. 

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