What could you buy if you won the Powerball lottery?

What could you buy if you won $219 million dollars? (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

GREENVILLE - Someone could be become a multi-millionaire in the Powerball Jackpot drawing Wednesday night.

NewsChannel 12 asked some folks at Kings Convenience Store on Greenville Boulevard what they would do with the winnings.

"I would buy a lot of pepsi," Euless Jordan, Jr. said

"I think my wildest dreams I would just travel and just see all that I haven't seen in life," Felicia Rorie said.

Inside ECU's Dowdy-Ficklen stadium, there are 50,000 seats. If you wanted to buy out the stadium, that would cost you about $2,000,000 per game. With $219,000,000 after taxes, you could buy out the stadium about 110 times.

"I can't add that up quickly but, uh, I would go to each game that they had and bring some friends with me... I'd invite a lot of homeless people. I would do my best to get a lot of people in there who have never seen football up close," Jordan said.

Jordan said he wouldn't stop at football. He would spread the love with some Bojangles' biscuits and Pepsi.

"Thirteen biscuits per person and two Pepsi's per person and a ticket for everyone that comes to the game. Hopefully with that kind of money I can fill up the stadium [and] give em' a ride to the stadium and back," Jordan said.

Cajun Filet Biscuits cost $2.99 each at Bojangles'. With the $219,000,000 in winnings, you could get more than 7,300,000 biscuits.

"That will be nice. Real nice," Frank Moye, Jr. said.

The drawing is scheduled for Wednesday November 28th.

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