Weathervane making duo bank on the sea breeze

Weathervane making duo bank on the sea breeze

Eastern Carolina - As the days get longer sea breezes ignite across our coast. Even on the quietest summer days those seabreezes are able to create perfect conditions to test their custom weather vanes.

For six years Don and Laura Saddlemire have turned out custom made copper weathervanes from their home in Sneads Ferry. 

"Because, we do them all ourselves and because we make them one by one we can pretty much make them into long as they balance," says Laura Saddlemire.

Each of the unique creations must be balanced in order to be accurate.

"On a new figure it will take me about 2-3 weeks to find that balance point so it will point into the wind and not spin," said Don Saddlemire.

Contrary to popular belief, a good weathervane doesn't spin in the wind. Instead, it will point into the wind in a matter of seconds and stay pointing that direction.

"You could have a 70 mph wind, but if it is all coming from the same direction then the weathervane will continue to point in that direction sometimes it will shimmy in a strong wind but it doesnt turn until the wind direction changes." said Laura Saddlemire.

Seabreezes are starting to initiate each quiet afternoon across the coast of North Carolina. These breezes are ideal for testing the new weathervanes.

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