Weather pattern change breaks heat wave

EASTERN NC - After almost two weeks of oppressive heat with temperatures near 100, the heat wave has broken.

This is thanks to a change in the weather pattern.

The large upper level ridge that had been parked over the Tennessee Valley the last two weeks has now been split into two pieces. One piece has been pushed temporarily back out into the Rockies with the other piece out over the western Atlantic Ocean. This has allowed an upper level trough to drop in over the eastern U.S. This has brought a weakening front across the Virginia/North Carolina border.

The problem is that while ENC has clouds around and slightly cooler temperatures, the system hasn't completely removed the hot and humid air mass from the last couple of weeks. So as this moist tropical air runs into the front, storms can quickly develop.

That was the case Monday, and will be the case again today and Wednesday.

The ingredients are in place for storms that can produce lots of rain and gusty winds. This is because we have very light winds just above the ground. So there is very little push to get these storms moving. That means these storms will be slow to move from any one place. This could allow these storms to capitalize on the high dew point air and quickly drop an inch or more of rain which could lead to some minor street flooding.

Look for the upper level ridge push back in off the ocean by the end of the week ending our rainy pattern and returning our temperatures to the 90s.

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