Weather Alert: Tornado touchdown confirmed

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Newport/Morehead City has confirmed that a tornado has touched down just north of Beaufort in Carteret County.

The NWS says that the tornado touched down just north of Beaufort at the intersection of Tuttles Grove Road and Madison Bay Drive.  It then continued about a quarter of a mile leaving a 100-yard wide stretch of damage.

The tornado ended near Hwy 101 and was recorded as an EF1, the second rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.


A  tornado watch is in effect until 5pm for all of eastern Carolina. A powerful winter storm that has had a history of deadly severe weather across the Gulf coast states on Christmas is lifting through the Tennessee Valley. The ingredients are in place across our area for us to potentially have damage occur from this storm.

We are still under the gun for a few more hours.

The worst of the storms will be to the north of our area.  Things are starting to settle down.  In Onslow County, there is a storm traveling north-northeast with heavy rain.  There are some areas of rotation heading towards Pine Knoll Shores and Morehead City.  The possibility of a water spout coming on shore is not out of the question.

There is a break in the rain. Then, there is another area of action near Wayne County along US 13 near Snow Hill. There are no current warnings for this area.

The pattern of storms moving onshore along the beaches could put down a water spout for the next hour to hour and a half.  The main weather system in Wayne County is our main concern.   Western Lenoir County and Western Pitt County should remain on alert.

If a tornado warning is issued for your area, take cover in a interior room or a basement on the lowest level in the building or home you are in.

Stay away from windows and put sturdy shoes on.

If you have weather pictures, you may send them to

We will continue to alert you to more severe weather dangers as they occur.

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