Waterfront project to provide new Big Rock weigh in station

Morehead Waterfront Project

Morehead City - Plans from the Public Works department of Morehead City could provide a new weigh in station for the Big Rock tournament.

The "Jib" Amenity Waterfront Project was recently put to public review in the town.

The project proposes an observation dock as well as a public plaza with a blue marlin statue on top of a fountain.

It is proposed for the 700 block of Shepard St.

"The biggest asset that Morehead City has is this waterfront," John Poag said. Poag owns Capt. Bill's, a seafood restaurant adjacent to where the plaza and dock will be.

"A fountain is going to be so much prettier than another parking lot," Poag said.

The preliminary budget is estimated at $1,000,000 for the first two phases of the project. Phase one is the creation of "Jibs" Plaza and the second is the observation dock. The third is the roof for the dock.

People with the town say they hope to have the first phase completed by early June.

The weigh ins would happen right next to the observation dock.

The project still has to pass a City Council vote to become a reality. Once that happens, the town can start looking for a contractor.

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