Water restored for residents living near big sinkhole

Official: Water leak may have caused sinkhole to form

Water restored for residents living near big sinkhole (Reporter: Christy Andrews)

HAVELOCK, CRAVEN COUNTY - Water service has been restored for all residents living near a waterline leak that may have caused a big sinkhole, a Havelock city official said.

The sinkhole, about 20 feet wide and 15 feet deep, is located at the bridge on Pineview Street, said Diane Miller, the city's spokesperson. Crews discovered the sinkhole Monday morning.

A water pipe break caused the sinkhole to form, Miller said. Miller said the break happened where an old pipe joined a newer pipe installed about two years ago.

"It had been working really well up until this point," Miller said. "Again, when you have old infrastructure meeting new infrastructure, it becomes a weaker point."

Pineview will remain closed until repairs are complete. But there is no estimate on when the leak will be fixed.

All residents who lost water pressure should boil their water, pending test results, Miller said.

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