Washington woman laid to rest after motorcycle wreck, no charges filed yet

Washington woman laid to rest after motorcycle wreck, no charges filed yet

BEAUFORT COUNTY, WASHINGTON - A funeral was held Friday night at Hillside Funeral Service in Washington for a Beaufort County woman killed in a motorcycle crash Sunday. It was an emotional day for many as hundreds of people gathered to say goodbye to 58-year-old Peggy Sullivan.

The Highway Patrol said faulty brake lights on a boat trailer Sullivan was following are to blame. Troopers said they are still discussing charges for the driver of the vehicle that caused Sullivan to run off the road. 

Sullivan was a member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club in Washington. Members from all over the coast came to the service to ride in honor of one of their own.

Troopers said the driver, 17-year-old James Jarvis, was towing a boat without brake lights, went to make a turn, and caused Sullivan to run off the road. The crash happened on Highway 264 near the intersection of Lizzard Slip Road.

The motorcycle club's Vice President Ira Garrett said they have lost a sister.

"It was an unfortunate thing that happened. It took a young life, a beautiful life and it could have been avoided. Hopefully something will be learned and taken from it," Garrett said.

Trooper Anthony Autry said they still interviewing witnesses to determine what happened that day.

"We should be finished with our investigation within the next couple of days. Then we will turn it over to the District Attorney's office and we will let them go from there to see if any charges will be brought on or not," Autry said.  

Close friend Jeffrey Taylor said he sees vehicles pulling trailers without brake lights all the time.  

"If they take just that few extra minutes and plug their lights in, it could save a life," he said.

Autry said troopers are investigating whether Jarvis did have brake lights on the trailer that just weren't connected to the vehicle.

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