Washington Church to be torn down

Reporter: Averi Harper

Washington church to be torn down after fire

WASHINGTON, BEAUFORT COUNTY - Washington's First Christian Church will be demolished after a raging fire left the more than 120 year old building irreparable.

Church spokesman, Milton Dail said in a written statement, ""We are assessing the needs of our Church in regards to a building so we can select the best location and structure for a new building for worship and continued service in the Washington community as we have for the last 120 years. "

Neighbors of the church say the spirit of the church is still alive.

"There's a resilience and a determination that a church is the people and the faith and not the structure, not the building," said Keith Lyon who lives across the street from what's left of the scorched church building.

There's no word on when the church will be demolished and church officials said they don't have a new location for the church yet.

They currently hold weekly church services at the Red Man's Lodge in Washington.

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