Warsaw police wrap up undercover sting operation against drug dealers

Investigators continue searching for five suspects

Warsaw police wrap up undercover sting operation against drug dealers

WARSAW, DUPLIN COUNTY - Warsaw Police have wrapped up a year-long sting operation -- one they hope has cleansed the streets of 21 drug dealers.  

It's a project that helps local business owner Bob Martin feel a little safer.

"I'm delighted that they're working on it," Martin said. "I do know it's a major problem. I've seen drug deals in the past. I do know that we have a lot of it going on in Warsaw."

Police Chief Joesph Webster says several undercover officers hit the streets to buy drugs like marijuana and cocaine from dealers.

"As long as they're selling, they're going to keep us in business, and we're going to constantly figure out different ways we can combat the drug situation in our community," Webster said.

He says one of their methods was simple, just hanging out in public, waiting for drug dealers to approach them asking what they were looking for, and what kind of drugs they might be intersting in using.

Webster says a drug deal can happen anywhere in an instant. An exchange could happen in your local grocery store parking lot, while pumping gas, and even while strolling downtown.

"It's always very, very fast," Webster said. "You know, you're in and out -- a blink of an eye, and it's over with."

Although "Operation Shake Down" is over, the investigation isn't. Police are still looking for five men pictured above: Kendric Antonio Best, Tremain Player, Robert Edmonds Jr., Larry Wilson and Tyrone Oates.

Police encourage anyone with information about these suspects to call the Warsaw Police Department at 910-293-7816.

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