Walmart Express opens, buys only pharmacy in Oriental

Walmart Express opens, buys only pharmacy in Oriental

ORIENTAL - Following months of planning and some community resistance, Walmart Express has opened on Broad Street in Oriental.

A spokesperson for Walmart has confirmed that the chain retail giant bought the only pharmacy in Oriental and has reopened the store in the Walmart Express.

Denton pharmacy opened in Oriental in 2011. In January, the owner of Denton's pharmacy died from cancer after a year long battle with the illness. Ed Denton was the pharmacist and co-owner along with his wife, Carolyn. Originally, Ed was opposed to the Walmart coming to Oriental. Once he passed, however, his wife was having trouble running the pharmacy.

"You have to become part of the community, small business owners, it's necessary," Carolyn Denton said. "Our customers were some of the best customers. But, ed was the best pharmacist. So, it went hand in hand."

Carolyn decided selling the business was the best option. Walmart bought it. Denton doesn't have any complaints.

"They were very easy to deal with," Denton said. "They were very kind to me and my family."

Denton said it's good Walmart purchased the pharmacy because she wanted a pharmacy to remain in the small town.

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