Voting open for local pup competing for 'World's Ugliest Dog'

Local dog contends for 'Worlds Ugliest Dog'

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - To vote for Peanut, click here.

Peanut has a one-of-a-kind look that might just snag him first place at the Ugliest Dog in the World contest this June, but first he has to get there. His owner, Holly Chandler, says making the trip would be a great way to raise awareness about animal abuse.

"I want people to see his story and to raise awareness for animal abuse. This is what happens every day and we really need to come together to stop it." says Chandler.

Before Chandler rescued him, Peanut had been found abandoned and severely burned. People at the shelter say he was likely set on fire. This burned off his eyelids, his lips, and a good portion of hair on his body. Peanut is healthy now, but Chandler says some people have trouble accepting him.

"They don't just stare. They look at him like he is disgusting. I've even been asked 'why I don't put him down and put him out of his misery'" says Chandler.

That is why Chandler is trying to enter Peanut into the World-wide "Ugliest Dog Competition". This global event features "homely hounds" and celebrates the uniqueness they bring. Chandler says it isn't so much about winning, as sharing Peanut's story.

(For more pictures of Peanut by Capturing Canines, click here)

Currently, Chandler owns and operates a small side business, The Doggie Basket which helps donate money to rescues. She is hoping now the community can pull together to help her and Peanut make it to the competition this June.

To make a donation to help Peanut get to California, click here.

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