A countywide referendum will ask voters in Carteret County whether mixed drinks should be served throughout the county.

Currently, mixed beverages, like a whiskey-cola, can only be served in the six municipalities in the county where voters have already approved their sale.

Morehead City and Newport are among those towns.

But County Commissioners approved a referendum that, if passed by voters, would allow the sale of mixed drinks at establishments throughout the county.

"Prohibition did end a long time ago," said Allen Mann, owner of Norris' Tavern.

Norris' is not within a municipality that has approved mixed drink sales, so can only serve beer and wine.

"It's time for the county to keep up," Mann said.

The proposal does have opponents, including Ken Kercher, who lives near Norris'.

"I think it's a bad thing to have mixed drinks... served at bars," Kercher said.

"I think beer and wine's enough right now."

Voters will get their say May 6, the day of the primary election.