Voters Question State Official About Possible Machine 'Glitch'

After some voters in Craven County questioned the integrity of voting machines, a state elections official held a meeting in New Bern.

NewsChannel 12 broke the story last week that some voting straight Republican tickets say voting machines swiched their votes to straight Democratic.

Rosemary Blizzard, a technician with the North Carolina Board of Elections, knows of three local counties with reported problems: Craven, Lenoir, and New Hanover.

She met with voters at the Craven ounty administration building Wednesday afternoon.

The "problem," she says, is that voters are probably touching the wrong spot on the screens.

But some voters believe that's not the case.

Don Black says he uses touch screens at grocery store check-outs, at ATM machines, and has voted in Craven County using the machines in question for several years.

He says these machines aren't difficult to understand.

Even so, "I voted one way, and the opposite party that I selected was what appeared on the screen," Black said.

He left the meeting after not believing his concerns were being addressed.

The most recent report of a problem in Craven County was reported Tuesday, according to Erin Burridge, the county's director of elections.

Craven GOP Chair Chuck Tyson told the crowd that a voter phoned him to describe a machine flip-flopping his votes at a Vanceboro voting location during Wednesday's lunch hour.

The voter wasn't voting a straight-party ticket, Tyson said.

As the meeting ended, Tyson advocated a return to paper ballots.

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