Vote today only for local military spouses of the year

Three local military spouses vying for "Spouse of the Year"

Three local military spouses vying for "Spouse of the Year"

EASTERN CAROLINA - Three military spouses in our area are hoping they will be the next Military Spouse of the Year.  Each of the three women is Spouse of the Year at their respective bases in Eastern Carolina and voting is today only for their chance to move onto the next round.

Meet Angela Young, Victoria Bourg and Cassy Chesser.
Angela Young is the Spouse of the Year for MCAS Cherry Point.  Her U.S. Marine husband wrote Angela's nominating letter, which included this line: "she amazes me every day with her resilience and new experiences."  In the last two years, Angela's husband has spent a year of that deployed, so Angela fills her time by helping others.

One way, by using social media sites to encourage Marine spouses become more active in our community.

"Trying to just get the word out to get the wives out of their houses and to come out and build up a better community at Cherry Point," said Angela Young.  "I feel that I came out here knowing absolutely no one, like many, many military wives... and it's really hard to step out and ask for help and to find someone to be there for you."
Angela also runs a cleaning and organizing company where she has donated services to spouses of deployed Marines.
Victoria Bourg is the New River Air Station Spouse of the Year.  

"It was more like I won for everybody else that I work with here, all the other volunteers that put in their heart and hard work and efforts in here to give back to the others," said Victoria Bourg.
Victoria certainly keeps company with a lot of volunteers.  She gives her time to the USO of Jacksonville, the Onslow Caregivers Home Healthcare and the Wives Club at New River Air Station.

"It doesn't matter how much time you have, just try to spend some time doing something for other," said Bourg.

Victoria gives back now, after almost losing it all in a car accident in 2009.  While her husband was deployed, a car hit Victoria, her son and her mother head-on, putting Victoria in the hospital for a week.  Now Victoria is not looking back or slowing down and has her sights set on helping even more.  "My goal for the USO is to help us get a brand new mobile unit which costs about $250,000."
Cassy Chesser is the Camp Lejeune Spouse of the Year.
Cassy's two nominating letters praised her devotion as a wife and mother to two sons, one of those sons has Down Syndrome.  That has given Cassy a new mission - to help families just like hers.

"I think it would be great if there were more programs made available by the military for special needs families just to make life easier for us," said Cassy.
Three women, three military spouses - all earning recognition for always improvising, adapting and overcoming.

If you would like to vote for Angela Young, CLICK HERE.

If you would like to vote for Victoria Bourg, CLICK HERE.

If you would like to vote for Cassy Chesser, CLICK HERE.

Voting is today only for this round.

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