Village of Simpson looking for new police chief

SIMPSON - The Pitt County village of Simpson is looking for a new police chief, as its current chief continues to recover from crashing his cruiser into a home.

Chief John Waters drove his cruiser into a house in Greenville in August. Witnesses said Waters appeared to have had a seizure when he crashed. Waters is recovering from his injuries at his home.

Doctors originally told Waters he would be back on the job in December of January, said Keen Lassiter, the attorney for the village of Simpson. But due to the extent of his injuries, Waters may not return until February or later. As a result, the village of Simpson is starting to look for a new police chief.

Waters has not been fired, Lassiter said. He will remain on medical leave. When Waters can get back to work, village leaders may consider having him as an assistant police chief.

In October, the Simpson Police Department was vandalized when someone spray-painted profanity on the police cruiser. The town hall was spray-painted as well. The vandalism was discovered on October 15th. Two weeks later, the town hall was spray-painted with profanity once again. Crimestoppers and the village of Simpson are offering a $5,300 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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