Video from Flyers bar shows shooting

Bar employees and patrons tell the story

New video shows brawl that led to deadly Havelock bar shooting


A video given exclusively to Newschannel 12 shows what happened the night a gunman fired into a crowded Flyers bar, killing former Marine and bouncer Todd North.

It all started with a fight, which police say involved the shooter. Flyers bartender Lisa Taylor says the fight was "just a mass of people and they all got dragged outside."

When punches started to fly bouncers reacted quickly, escorting those involved outside. Taylor said "something happened in that fight. I don't know if it was a verbal threat or something was said, but for [North] to lock us in and tell us to quit serving, that's never happened."

Bouncers were able to get the fighters to leave the premises. "I don't know how long it was after that," said Taylor, "it wasn't long at all that the kid came back."

The "kid" she spoke of is 18 year old Jonathan Pugh, the man police say shot and killed North.

North saw Pugh heading towards the bar, and he tried to get everyone inside. Bull Austin was at the bar at the time of the shooting. He said North told everybody "get inside, get down, this guy's got a gun. And by the time he got back to the door I said ‘man I'm getting ready to get out of here', he said no don't do that go over here and he pushed me to the side."

As Pugh approached the front door North jumped in his way, trying to keep him out. In respect of North and his family, we are not showing that part of the video because that's when he was shot.

Austin said he knows "for a fact he, he saved a lot of people from that."

North was armed and shot the suspect once, sending him to the hospital. In total seven people were shot, including North and Pugh. Two others were directly hit by the suspect and three were injured by bullet fragments.

After North was shot, Taylor says there was "a Navy core man in the building who just immediately jumped on it and started working on him. We had another former military, um, girl and she came in and was doing CPR and everybody was just trying to do everything they could."

Unfortunately, they were unable to save his life.

Authorities say Pugh has been in trouble before. He pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors in 2012.

He has been charged with one open count of murder.

Craven County District Attorney Scott Thomas says more charges could be brought upon him pending their investigation.

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