Victim: Woman fakes handicap and steals credit card

Police say that a credit card was stolen from a 79 year old lady at the Walmart located at 4101 West Vernon Ave. in Kinston. 

According to the victim, a black female riding in a handicapped cart at Walmart, asked that she hand her a canned good from the shelf.  While the victim's back was turned, the suspect allegedly removed a credit card from the victim's purse.  The suspect then immediately purchased a laptop computer from Walmart and left the store.  

The photo above is of the suspect leaving the Kinston Walmart.  As you can see, the suspect does not appear to be disabled.  The photo also shows the suspect carrying what appears to be a laptop computer.

If anyone can identify this woman, they are asked to call Kinston Public Safety Detective James Webb at (252) 939-3195.

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