Victim identified in deadly pedestrian-involved crash

Victim identified in deadly pedestrian-involved crash (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

GREENVILLE - A car hit and killed a pedestrian Monday night, Greenville Police said.

A crash report says the victim is 40-year-old Latosha Bond of Winterville.

The crash happened around 6:30 p.m. on Stantonsburg Rd., near Vidant Medical Center, said Sgt. Joe Friday.  Bond was an employee at the hospital, family confirmed. They said she worked the overnight shift as a certified nursing assistant. However, Tuesday night she was going in early to pick-up and extra 4 hour shift.

"She was a very hard worker and she always look out for her family and try to do her best to provide," her father, Eley Bond said.

Officials say a vehicle was merging lanes when it reportedly hit Bond and forced her into oncoming traffic. That's when a second vehicle, a box truck, reportedly hit her.

There is a crosswalk at the intersection of Stantonsburg Road and Moye Boulevard; however, often times pedestrians will just cross the road in a convenient place instead of using the crosswalk. Bond's father hopes this accident will send a message to drivers passing through this busy area.

"Everybody should be a whole lot more careful when they see people standing on the corner. You never know when they gonna walk across,"he said.

Mr. Bond said he remembers when his wife got the call.

"I saw my wife and she was just started crying and saying 'Oh no.'...I kept asking her 'What's the matter? What's the matter?' Then she said, 'Tosha...Tosha's dead.' And boy I just went all the pieces myself," Bond said.

He said the family is trying to stay strong but it's difficult. Bond was the mother of three children ages: 5, 18 and 21-years-old. Bond said he tried to explain to his grandson what happened.

"I said 'I hope you try to be a good boy because she's going to be standing watch over you. She has gone to a better place. She had went to heaven'...I said 'so you have to be good and be strong because Mommy love you very much," Bond said.

The family is still working out the details of a funeral; however, they hope the have the funeral on Saturday.

If you would like to send flowers or donations to the family please send them to Gilliam Funeral Home in Windsor. The address is: 706 Ghent Street, Windsor, NC.

This crash is an ongoing investigation, according to police. No charges have been filed against the drivers who hit Bond.

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