Victim: Gunman in shooting spree said 'don't run'

Sheriff: Suspect shot 3 people, officer then shot suspect

Victim: Gunman in shooting spree said 'don't run'

VANCEBORO, CRAVEN COUNTY - As the three men injured in Tuesday's Craven County shooting continue to recover, some of the victims are sharing their accounts of what happened.

According to investigators, 82-year-old John Aites Jenkins drove to 2115 Streets Ferry Road near Vanceboro Tuesday afternoon. Jenkins then allegedly shot two tree trimmers.

One of those victims is 38-year-old Angelo Williams, of Vanceboro.

"I saw him raising his hands up, but I didn't realize what it was until I saw the grip of the gun," Williams recalled. "I looked him in the face before he shot me. I looked down the barrel of the gun, and I looked him in the face and all he said was, 'don't run.' Before I could even think about it, 'boom,' I heard the shot."

Williams said he was shot in the forehead and his right eye.

"It all just happened so fast and once he shot me, I took off and everybody just scattered. People were stopping in the road they were kind of baffled about what was happening," Williams told NewsChannel 12.

Williams said a passer-by then told him to get in her car and rushed him to the hospital.

"A pellet hit my eye- went in and came out the side of my eye. They said if it had gone straight through, I may not be here," said Williams.

Williams explained that doctors had to remove his right eye and he will get a prosthesis in a couple of months. But Williams said he doesn't hold a grudge against the alleged gunman

"I forgave him for what he did. I can't let him have the power over me. I'm still here," Williams said.

Investigators said the suspect later shot and injured 73-year-old Billy Dail, of Streets Ferry Road, as he was outside directing drivers away from the shooting area.

"I was warning the cars coming and having them turn around and go back the other way," Dail explained.

Dail said once he realized the suspect was near, he tried to get away.

"I see a guy with a gun and I just turned around and started walking off. That's when he shot me," said Dail.

Dail told NewsChannel 12 the gunman shot him in his face, left eye and hand. Dail said doctors told him he should be able to keep his eye, even though a pellet is still inside. Doctors will remove the pellet in a few days, Dail added.

"Everybody tells me I'm a hero. But not really, [I'm] just being a good neighbor, that's all," Dail said.

Dail said he will never forget the day he was shot, and the experience is constantly playing in the back of his mind.

"It makes you kind of wonder, you just never know when you step out of the house and somebody decides to do the same thing to you again," he said.

NewsChannel 12 also reached out to the third man shot, Brian Holden, who was hit in the stomach. He said he was doing well, but not yet ready to tell his story.

The alleged gunman, Jenkins, was shot in the head by a Vanceboro police officer, investigators said. At last check, he was in critical condition at a hospital. There was no word on a motive.

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