Veterans react to possible military action in Syria

Veterans react to possible military action in Syria

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - Several local veterans and those affiliated with the military have mixed opinions about possible military action in Syria.

U.S. officials say the Syrian regime's use of chemical weapons have killed thousands on innocent people, hundreds of which were children.

The possibility of our own military getting involved in the conflict has deeply concerned some veterans like Erin Christofoli.

"I think they should get collaborative efforts from all nations to get suggestions on how to resolve it peacefully," said Christofoli, a Navy veteran.

She says our involvement would be a waste of tax money that could be better spent rebuilding ourselves.

"If we got involved in every single conflict that arose in every single nation all over the world, one, we would be broke," Christofoli said. "Our resources in the military would be exhausted, which they're pretty close to being exhausted right now. But we can't afford to help every battle that goes on."

Veteran Howard Wooley says it's worth the investment -- just not something the U.S. should get involved in alone.

"As much as the U.S. doesn't want to get involved in another type of political -- or war action or some type of conflict, something has to be done to draw the line and say, this is not going to be tolerated," Wooley said. "I think some other nations should get involved too, and that's where I think they need to look for help from some of the so-called allies around the world."

David Tanner's wife is an active duty Marine. He says the conflict in Syria isn't our war to fight, but should his wife's unit deploy, he'd support her all the way.

"It's their duty," Tanner said. "It's her job. She signed on, as much as many other family members have, with their spouses. It is their job to do so."

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