Vet stuck in truck for 21 hours

Vet stuck in truck for 21 hours

CRAVEN COUNTY - A veteran spent 21 hours in his truck over the weekend, before being discovered by a neighbor.

Irvin "Jack" Bennett Jr., 71, had a heart issue, a neighbor said.

He was discovered outside his home in the Brice's Creek area of Craven County, outside New Bern.

As Bennett's condition is addressed, neighbors are working to solve the Air Force vet's other problem: His legs are disabled to the point where he lives in the truck because he cannot climb the three steps to his home.

"He's just not mobile," a neighbor, James Mead said.

Bennett has been living in his truck, outside his home, for approximately one year, Mead said.

He and another neighbor are willing to build a ramp to Bennett's home if they had the materials.

Bennett remains in the hospital, where he is "in and out," another neighbor, Jim Mangol, said.

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