Vehicle plows into Pitt County home

Vehicle plows into Pitt County home (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

PITT COUNTY - Emergency crews responded to a Winterville home after a vehicle crashed into it.

The incident happened on Brevard Road, just off of Highway 903.  Pitt County deputies say the car was driving on 903 when it ran into the back of the house.

Neighbor Adrienne Rumley heard the whole thing happen.

"Well we were in our house and we heard a very loud thud. So, once we decided to look out the window we noticed this car was just in the back of the house with smoke going all up over the place. We saw the driver of the car on the ground. He looked stable. He looked conscious," Rumley said.

The driver of the vehicle, 37-year-old Tony Wiggins, of Grifton, was transported to a nearby hospital; no one was inside the home at the time.

Authorities say the vehicle went airborne, over some ditches, and into the house.  Neighbors heard several thumps, a crash, and then saw lots of smoke.

Troopers say the driver suffers from a medical condition that causes seizures and that may have been what caused the crash to happen.

NewsChannel 12 checked on the driver's condition at the hospital, but he was not listed in their system. However, troopers say the driver's injuries were not life threatening.

Wiggins was charged with reckless driving.

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