Vanceboro Recovering From Floods

One Neighborhood is Raising Roofs

Craven County - Looking back to this past October, the sound of rushing water was what you heard on Streets Ferry Road. Now you hear sounds of rebuilding. It's a house raising in Vanceboro. Houses are fourteen feet off the ground. The owner of one house, Jason, says "Since the house was vacant at the time of the flood. I did not qualify for a grant. So it's all coming out of my pocket."

Across the street, the home of Milton and Sandy Wiggins is full of volunteers from Altoona, PA. They paint, sand and replace doors with windows. Mission Team Coordinator, Ron Hoover, says, "We're just trying to help a neighbor even though that neighbor may be in North Carolina."

When I asked homeowner, Milton Wiggins, why he stays in a neighborhood that floods twice in ten years? His reply, "That same villian that flooded my house is why. I love it. It's so peaceful and it's a good place to come home to."

Whether it's a large volunteer crew or just extra hands, home is where the are is...on Streets Ferry Road.

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