Upside-down flag: mistake, not political statement

Upside-down flag: Mistake, not political statement

JACKSONVILLE - Some residents were fired up about an upside down American flag flying at a Jacksonville home.  Family members said the upside-down flag was a mistake, not a political statement.

The inverted flag was hung outside a home on Bell Fork Road.

"We were just out running errands and that's when we saw it," said Sarah Mace.  Mace, and the friend she was driving with earlier this week, are both wives of U.S. Marines.   Mace said she believes an inverted flag is disrespectful to service members. 

"The flag represents the sacrifices of all of our husbands, our children, our fathers," said Mace.  "It's a thing of pride, and when you disrespect it like that, you offend everyone."

Family members said they were unaware the flag was inverted.

"We believe in flying the flag, that's why she had it up there," said Michael Hunter.  Hunter's sister and elderly mother live at the home. 

After Hurricane Sandy, Hunter said his sister raised the flag while it was still dark outside. "It's a natural mistake," said Hunter.  "Especially the time she put it up, the sun hadn't really come up real bright."

Hunter, who recently suffered a stroke, asked for the assistance of our reporter in fixing the flag.  "I'm glad the people let us know so that we can pay attention to it," said Hunter.

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