Update: Warehouse Fire Started Outside

Warehouse Fire Update

It's been nearly 3 months since thick black smoke and raging flames engulfed a warehouse on Craven Street. It was stocked with machinery and lumber owned by Precision Molding. Deemed suspicious by Fire Marshall Danny Hill, there's been little talk regarding the details about the fire until now.

"We feel like the fire started outside the building and there was no electrical [wire] in the area in which the fire started," said Hill.

While investigators continue to search for answers the building remains idle surrounded by a fence. Piles of bricks cab be found lying in and outside of the fence, even sheet metal sits on top of it. The damage was caused by a recent wind storm, raising safety concerns. Hill says that responsibility is out of his hands.

"It will be up to the people who actually own the building North Carolina Railroad Company will have to hire somebody to certify the stability of the building make sure its sage for the demolition crews to go in and actually work with in the four walls," Hill said.

Over the phone Scott Saylor, the president of the North Carolina Railroad Company expressed concerns about the buildings future, but made it clear it will be a while before something is done.

"We have an engineering firm assessing the building in connection with our insurance claim. Until we hear the final report from our insurance company we won't know until then what we need to do with the building," Saylor said.

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