Update: 45K seized from Havelock gaming businesses

Update: 45K seized from Havelock gaming businesses (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

HAVELOCK, CRAVEN COUNTY - Search warrants show that Havelock Police seized approximately $45,000 in cash and checks from businesses during a gaming raid earlier this month.

Officers also seized more than 30 stand-alone gaming machines and more than 300 other pieces of equipment from nine businesses.

Police declined to comment on the case; a spokesperson said the investigation is ongoing.

Several of the affected businesses have closed, including B&B Internet Access, 1329 E. Main St., and Internet Connections, 1329 E. Main St.

No one has charged in connection with the raids.

State law reads, in part "it shall be unlawful for any person to operate, or place into operation, an electronic machine or device to conduct a sweepstakes through the use of an entertaining display..."

The man who supplied many of the machines, Greg Muse, said the games were legal.  Muse added that the games created jobs in the city.

"There's lots of people who want to go back to work, we want to go back to work," Muse said.

The following is a list of the businesses where gaming machines were taken, according to investigators:

  • Internet Connections- 1329 E. Main St.
  • B&B Internet Access- 925 E. Main St., Suite 38
  • U. S. Mini Mart- 221 E. Main St.
  • Food Fare- 227 W. Main St.
  • Mr. P's Sweepstakes- 900 Highway 70 West
  • Jean's Place- 330 E. Main St.
  • Super Expressway- 807 E. Main St.

Police said they also seized evidence at Ben's Beach Bingo at 1333 E. Main St.

Investigators said they had previously seized two gaming machines at Friend's Bar, located at 571 Highway 70 West, on Sept. 27.

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