Underwater invention wins national competition

Early College East's underwater remote operated vehicle takes home prize

Underwater invention wins national competition

HAVELOCK - It's a piece of equipment you would see with a team of researchers, but it originated and was created by six high school students at Early College East in Havelock.

"The main purpose behind it is to be able to do underwater exploration and get people's interest in aquaculture," said Alexander Messmer, ECE Sophomore.

The invention is an underwater remote operated vehicle or ROV.  With two cameras on board, it's able to go where most people can't.

"There a board camera which is what we see from our control panel, and then, there's an IP camera which is what you can view from your computer," said Aaron Nasser, ECE Sophomore.

The ROV itself weighs about 30 pounds, and being able to do a live test at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores really gave the team a cutting edge.

"We finally got to see it go down, go up, go forward, go backwards.  It was a moment where we had a project that works," said Nasser.

Seven months of hard work and research paid off as the Engineering Club walked away with first place at the Phoenix Contact Nanoline National Competition.

"Being able to say we're a small school and we have six students. They were ready to go," said club adviser, John Ebright.

Early College East is proof that no matter how small, you can still do big things.

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